Überblick – Perhaps the best Home Office solution

Life is easy when everyone works together in unison.

Helmut Harz, Founder Überblick

What if you could…

easily send and follow tasks

efficient, transparent, and with documentation?

reach your colleagues directly in groups

across places and shifts, optionally with confirmation?

make your handbooks and product information available to all of your colleagues

when and where they needed them?

I have time for the important things

as we get rid of a lot of little requests.

Our customers are happier

as they enjoy a higher service level.

My team is more motivated

as their work gets easier.

Our costs are lower

as we have stronger and more efficient processes.

Überblick is very easy to use.

Via mobile phone or computer. 

Also with photos or videos.

Or with automatic translation into the mother tongue of your colleagues.

Without requiring an eMail address or a telephone number.

Our happy customers

“My management team has a transparent view on what is happening in the house and our processes and communication are more efficient. Instead of spending time on a lot of little requests, we can now work on the important ideas that make our guests extra happy”

Jan Bolland
Hotelier BollAnt’s SPA im Park

“In times when there is a shortage of people in the care industry, we ask ourselves how we can stand out as a company. Überblick is one of these measures and all our time loved it right away.”

Clemens Raemy
CEO Herzsache
Home Care

“Already one month after our start with Überblick, we could notice a positive impact on our day-to-day life. You can feel that the software was developed for our needs and we especially like that it’s clearly structured and very easy to use for everyone.”

Michael von der Wettern
Director Holiday Inn Leipzig-Günthersdorf

“Every week, we take care of hundreds of smaller tasks for our customers. Without the efficient task management of Überblick, we would need to hire more people to offer our high service level.”

Martin Ballweg
Geschäftsführer Scaling Spaces, Serviced Offices

We are happy to present Überblick to you.

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